Policy and Programme Development

All governments play an active and crucial role in developing and supporting the agricultural development of their nations.  This is true at the high-performance level and at the local level with smallholder poor farmers. Few governments, however, make intentional and active use of agriculture (EOA) on a large scale as a tool for advancing their domestic and international development objectives.

However, through the EOA initiative, evidence and experience have demonstrated that

Ecological organic agriculture can be a low-cost, high-impact tool for advancing a broad range of development objectives. While no linear, step-by-step process exists, there are four general areas of activity that the EOAI embark on when supporting the development and implementation of enabling policies and programs.

These areas of activity include:

  • Mobilizing government support and action;
  • Policy development;
  • Program design and implementation; and
  • Resource mobilization, partnerships and collaboration.