Pillar I: Research, Training and Extension


This is a priority area that will help build up the body of scientific data supporting EOA. The main target will be to conduct as many research projects on ecological Organic agriculture to populate data, knowledge and practice that will help transform agriculture in Africa in favour of EOA. Led by actors in research and training institutes5 and universities; participatory, interdisciplinary, multicultural research will be conducted to inform stakeholder training. Knowledge, innovations and technologies will be co-developed with rural communities, extension and advisory services. By involving farmers in the research, existing indigenous knowledge will be harnessed and scientifically tested to produce empirical data that can be used for validation and further innovation. The pillar will ensure that gender aspects in every innovation are considered so that farming technologies and practices consider the active participation of women and marginalized groups (youth) in farming. There are currently several regional research projects and programs on EOA including FiBL led research programs in West and East Africa and the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE) activities. Further synergy with these programs should be encouraged.