Resource Mobilization

The EOA-I has so far had a commitment of US$11,057,849. This constitutes about 40% of the budget in the EOA Action Plan (US$27,178,840). This will go up when SSNC’s support for the new phase is included.

Donor Contribution to EOA-I

Donor Amount ($)

Source: BvAT, SSNC & AUC

As at the time of doing the MTR it can be discerned that most countries (except Mali) had implemented about 70% of the planned activities utilizing 68% of the committed funds (US$7,358,051.45 of the committed US$10,857,849).

  • AUC through EU support has facilitated meetings of the Continental Steering Committee, conferences and stakeholders capacity building in OA systems and practices in COMESA, SADEC, ECOWAS and EAC Regions
  • SSNC/Sida have provided funding support to 4 Countries in Eastern Africa for 2013 – 2015 and 6 countries were supported in the pilot phase 2012.
  • SDC is supporting EOA in 8 countries from Eastern and Western Africa for 5 years 2014 – 2018
  • Efforts to get other development partners/donors are on with GIZ, Sida and others. Southern Africa cluster set to join the initiative once resources become available.