Success Stories

After being trained by the Biovision Officer, I started practising organic farming technologies such as composting and integrated pest control methods like the push-pull for stemborer control. My crops became healthier, other farmers became keen and started emulating me. Since then, I have trained over fifty farmers and they have fully embraced organic farming methods.

Alfred Karanja - Trainer of Trainers

Since we adopted organic and natural measures to manage pests and diseases in our crops we have reduce wastage and increased profits on our farms.

Eunice Akhaoma - Farmer

Learning how to make my own compost manure and save my own planting seed has really saved me a lot of money for fertilizers and buying seeds. Thank you Biovision.

Rodah Nduta - Farmer

Biovision trainings on cow feeding have helped me to improve my cow’s milk production. The feed requirements for lactating cows are different from that of calves and heifers. The amount of feed provided to the cows depends on the amount of milk it produces, its weight, temperature and levels of activity – I dint know this before.

Daniel Khamasi - Farmer

I did not know mangoes need to be managed just like other crops. I have since learnt how to naturally control the fruit fly pest and other diseases courtesy of the CIWs and now, I have increased both the quality and quantity of my mangoes.

Jerusa Amwayi - Farmer