National Platforms

National Platforms (CLOs) and National Steering Committees

National Platforms

The National Platforms brings together various stakeholders involved in ecological organic agriculture at the national level. It is a forum that convenes, facilitates, advises, and monitors progress of implementation of EOA in general and Organic Agriculture in particular. Generally, the National Platform is an open forum of multi-stakeholders interested in supporting EOA development in any country in Africa .The national platforms will promote specific strategic actions such as organizing policy formulation competitions among high school or undergraduate students, awarding farmers for outstanding performance or politicians for their pro-EOA political work. With experience they may as well formulate benchmarks for “good” policy work in the various agro sectors. This will enhance implementation of the EOA initiative with strong integration and synergy across pillars and sectors. The platforms will be expected to become visible and recognized actors ensuring professional quality in management of the project.

Roles of National Platforms

  1. Streamlining EOA’s operations at Country Level
  2. Rallying of partners/actors in EOA
  3. Facilitating the sharing of achievements, lessons and experiences
  4. Supporting/lobbying of policy change, investment plans, etc.
  5. Shaping the national EOA agenda
  6. Facilitating selection of and support to Country Lead Organizations (CLOs)

Membership of the National Platform

  • Agriculture and other relevant sector ministries
  • Research and Educational Institutes
  • Private sector
  • Civil Society Organizations
  • Farmer Organizations
  • Development Partners
  • Policy Institutes
  • Certification and regulatory agencies
  • Development Partner which will be open to who may wish to join

National Steering Committees

The Steering Committee has been democratically elected by the National Platform stakeholders to provide leadership and overall supervision of EOA at the country level. Representation in the National Committee will be based on institutions instead of individuals.

The national steering committee is responsible for:

  1. Providing leadership, guidance and overall supervision of EOA at the country level
  2. Exploring ways of integrating EOA within National Plans, strategies and investment plans
  3. Developing National structures for implementing the Initiative
  4. Developing a country’s National Platform’s long term goals and strategies
  5. Reviewing national progress reports on a regular basis
  6. Initiating high-level coordination of EOA activities
  7. Establishing and implementing partnerships and resource mobilization for EOA at national level.
  8. Creating linkages of Country level EOA activities with regional and continental activities

All these will be done in consultation with the stakeholders. The National Platform EOA Steering committee should at least meet twice a year.