Key People/ EOA Coordination


Dr Janet Edeme – Head of Division, Rural Economy & Agriculture department (DREA) at AUC and Chair of Continental Steering Committee Dr David Amudavi – Executive Director of Biovision Africa Trust (BvAT) & EOA Project Coordinator
Zachary Makanya – Coordinator, PELUM-Kenya Association Venancia Wambua – Project Manager, EOA Initiative
Alex Mutungi – The EOA Initiative Continental Secretariat Coordinator. Mrs. Rosinah Mbenya is the Programme Operations Manager at PELUM Kenya. She is the team leader in programme development, planning and implementation of PELUM Kenya programmes including the EOA Programme. Mrs. Mbenya holds a master’s degree in Environmental Studies (Community Development) from Kenyatta University. She has over eight years of experience in development projects in the areas of agriculture, environment, climate change and advocacy. She is a passionate agro-ecologist